You've read all the self-help books: Attitude is everything! Change your perspective! Have a positive outlook! Can these ideas really change your future? And if so, how? In my childhood and adolescence, I was skeptical. Let's fact it, if my brother was born without being able to walk, how could my attitude or outlook change anything?

As I got older I continued to reflect on a youth allegedly filled with disappointments and doubts. In talking to my friends and family, I realized I was not alone, we've all experienced them. Then, I started taking a good, long look at myself and my feelings. I realized that my deepest feelings were the ones guiding me forward, challenging me to reach the depth of what I was able to feel – happy or sad. In the end, these feelings allowed me to explore all dimensions of my being.

Why do I share this with you? Through all the laughs, disappointment and sorrow I've learned: We can use the power of our feelings to build a stronger, happier, positive life. I've also discovered a secret way to facilitate this process: affirmations.

How Affirmations Work

As you may or may not know, affirmations are simple exercises that can tap you into this positive, creative part of yourself. It's the place that's free from your ego (you know it: the ego is the leaky tire in constant need of being filled from outside sources).

Affirmations are different. They allow you to reveal the secret, powerful, depths of yourself and care for your being by confirming what is there. Do you feel a calling toward a particular feeling you have been having? Is there something in your life that you need and desire to manifest? If you can use your mind's eye to creatively visualize, you can bring forward all that you desire.

How? Simply affirm that is already here.

Creating Affirmations

The key to the success of an affirmation is its potential or the potentiality of your creative thought. The laws of the universe will respond then not to your asking for what you wish, but rather your affirmation that it is already here. Look at these statements:

I am beautiful! I am healthy! I am kind and loving!

Thus, it takes the ideas of creative visualization one step further. Affirmations take a picture from your thought to create a statement about this thought in a verbal format. Take some time to affirm what is in your heart. What do you wish for? Choose an affirmation statement to focus on and place your attention on it:

I am abundant! I am loved!

Applying An Affirmation

Make the laws of affirmation work in your life. Let's focus for a moment on the "word" aspect of this equation. The words I am a very powerful tool. "I AM" tells the universe to put the wheels of energy in motion. These two words trigger the universe and let it know you are ready to receive your prayer. Can you see the importance of this process?

I AM Beautiful!

Therefore, if I write this statement on an index card and place it in my pocket or write it several times in my notebook then say it out loud to myself, what happens? Soon I manifest beauty! I begin to believe what I have written and translate it into a feeling.

Waiting The Results In Peace

Remember the statement: "All good things come to those who wait?" This statement is of great importance here. Once you have affirmed and have written your intentions, the action needs to come from you. Think: If I already have what I wish, what would I do? For example: If I am trying to manifest "beautiful" – I need to ask myself: Am I wearing beautiful clothing? Am I honoring my body with exercise and nutrition? If not, I need to take a long look at how I am treating myself. If I was not feeling beautiful before, perhaps treating myself better is what I need to heal.

Take a moment today to focus on what you need to heal. Continue to apply the affirmation process. I think you will find it to be a powerful tool. Remember: Affirm, take action and "wait the results in peace." For it is as one of my favorite spiritual counselors, Iyanla Vanzant, says: "You do not get what you ask for, you get what you believe."

Source by Laura Turner



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