Prom is one very exciting annual event that juniors and seniors are really putting an effort to. But away from the fact that everyone is looking forward to mingling and dancing, students are also expecting for more thrilling and innovative themes each year. Prom theme makes the whole occasion unique, grand and appealing. Not to mention girls going gaga over what to wear that suits with the theme.

To give you some fresh and sleek ideas of theme-inspired prom dresses for 2010, here are some suggestions of what is popular this year:

1. What could be more popular this 2010 but the ever-fantasized Twilight Saga. Prom dresses according to this theme would follow colors of glaring red and black, with matching designs of dazzling silver beads and sequins.

2. This year, enchanting themes are also on its way. That is why dresses appeal for bold charming prints. Choose one that is floral, with laces, ruffles and brooch, as if you are an enchanting beautiful fairy.

3. Have you noticed that Hollywood actresses flaunt their legs this year while walking at Oscar's? That is because short mini dresses are favorable and stylish for 2010. So if your theme is inspired with the red carpet spotlight, make sure your dresses show off your long legs. Try putting on some glitters on for a shiny effect.

4. How about an Arabian night for a theme? Since prom dresses this year are into bright colors, it is certainly exciting enough to wear like belly dancers. Choose colors such as tangerine, yellow, and green, and then add some blings as accessories for a total Arabian effect.

5. 2010 prom dresses favors white than black. So for a winter-snowy land theme, be like a princess in white dress. Silver and light blue also fulfills white. To add more shine on you, design it with glitters, put on silver accessories, and wear clear stilettos that look like Cinderella's glass slippers.

6. Earthly-inspired theme is also popular this year. Go green with your dresses with matching brown eye shadows to complement it with your eyes. Asymmetrical and heart-shaped necklines are highly recommended in a smooth, flowing dress.

7. Futuristic theme is also one of the most loved for 2010. To go with this, choose prom dresses that could catch the brilliancy of your face. Metallic colors and embellishments are well used. Gold and silver beads and sequins on your dress can totally give futuristic slinky impressions.

Whatever theme your prom is up to, it is easy to find prom dresses for 2010 on the web. There are lots of dresses online where there are varietiesof dresses for prom you can choose from for your theme-inspired night.

Source by Ruben Licera Jr.



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