Do you like to make your own beer? I do. But my husband is on contract in a country where any form of alcohol is illegal and I spend most of the year with him. This means that those of us who love beer have to quietly make our own.

The big problem lies in the fact that beer making equipment and beer brewing ingredients are just not available and may not be imported.

What to do?

One starts off by buying several dozen bottles of 750ml juice with swing top lids. Then of course you have to drink it all. By the time you have managed to drink half the juice you are ready to throw the rest away so that you can get started with brewing your own beer.

Step two means buying 4 dozen cans of alcohol-free beer which will need to be poured into a very large plastic container, which has been previously sterilized. The sterilization part is as much fun as everything else, because there is nothing available locally to perform this essential need. Do not forget that the juice bottles also need to be sterilized.

No problem! All you have to do is buy some baby bottle sterilizing agent when you next fly back home because the country does not seem to have this rather important commodity (It does not matter if you do not happen to have a baby). At least the product is legal so you will not have any problems getting it through customs.

Hey! I never said this was the easiest or least time consuming way to make beer did I? Read to the end and I will tell you about an easier way.

Now step 3 can be proceeded with. Add 5ml dried yeast to a little lukewarm sugar water (10ml sugar to 100ml water). it should react within 15 minutes or so with lots of bubbles appearing on the surface.

While you are waiting for the yeast mixture you can get on with step 4. Heat up 1L water, together with 1,5Kg sugar and 500gm honey. As soon as it is nice and hot and the sugar has dissected properly, you can pour it into the plastic container with the alcohol-free beer.

By this time the yeast mixture should be ready, so add that as well.

Give the container a good shake.

Now you are going to need a balloon – but a condom will do just as well (since I forgot to tell you to buy a party pack of balloons). Using a sharp pointed knife, stick a bunch of holes into the balloon (or condom) and place it over the containers pouring spout.

In case you are confused, the reason for this is to allow gas to escape but not to enter the container.

You now have to place the container in a dark place on a large plastic sheet at room temperature for two weeks. Expect some of the liquid to overflow during this initial fermentation process.

Hang in there everyone we are almost there!

At the end of those two weeks, you now get to decant your brew into those sterilized juice bottles – use a plastic tube to get the beer running (like when you are trying to suck gas out of your motor vehicle's tank) – just stay away from the bottom 2cm where all the sediment is.

NO! You are not finished yet.

Add 5ml sugar to each bottle and seal with those handy swing top lids. Now let the bottles stand for at least a week, preferably ten days.

Your homebrew is now ready and needs to be placed upright in a refrigerator to prevent further fermentation BUT it is extremely potent. To drink it you are going to have to mix it half and half with more non-alcoholic beer. The flavor is not perfect either. Definitely not what you are used to.

There is of course a much easier way, especially if you do not live in an Arabian country. You will of course need my simple homebrew recipe guide which is available at no charge whatever (I love sharing!) Plus the correct beer making equipment and beer brewing ingredients which do not cost very much.

Source by Sandy Dee



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