Photography anyone? Capturing soothing, innocent, and untouched nature is a relaxing and calming way to spend an evening or a weekend and is easy even for a beginner. Photography as a hobby is something anyone can do, from teens to queens, from young growing boys to men. It's as if you're never alone with a camera in hand and ready to capture the natural beauty of life.

Digital cameras give us the benefit of taking many pictures in one shooting, which can simply be done on an evening walk to the park, or the memories we want to capture from our weekend travel or activity. Nature is everywhere. It envelopes us and embarrasses us with soothing, innocent, and untouched rewards. As with anything, it takes practice to be able to bring a photo to life. A camera is an extension that allows us to cherish our memories, hold close our sight, and continuously nurture a love for our surroundings and environment. Nature Photos show us the vulnerability of our land; a Land that loves us unconditionally. Nature photos capture innocence, purity, unprotected serenity. What better way to voice a love and devotion to our environment than capturing it on photo.

Picking up a camera has the ability to fulfill your dreams. Once you take your pictures, you have the ability to be able to download them to your computer using online software or if you purchased a new digital camera it usually comes with all the necessary components to be able to enjoy your photos right away. The market is full of choices that can complicate matters, but there are very functional and easy to use options that beginners can use to get their hobby off the ground. You will even be able to edit photos, crop them, make them black and white, or other unique blends of color schemes. You will be able to print right from your home or you can go to Costco or Sam's and order them. You may also want to drive over to Target and use the Kodak printing machine there. These are all viable and economic options to being able to print your soothing, innocent, and untouched nature photos.

Then, you can take them to Hobby Lobby and pick mats that compliment the beauty and serenity of each new photo, but does not overwhelm or take away from the picture. You will surprise yourself and may realize you have quite the knack for photography. How hard can it be? Just point and click and amaze yourself. Nature is always at its best. You can be, too, with your camera in hand. Take it everywhere you go.

Once you have your photo and mat, pick a frame that adds character to your nature photo. I typically like to pick a color for the frame that also is in the photo but definitely not the dominant color. This helps to bring out colors that might not stand out on their own, but really add value to the picture. I also contrast the mat with the frame, sometimes, just a light to extreme dark difference in shade. Picking the frame really does add value to your nature photo. It can blend with what the natural environment is of each photo.

Lastly, what you do with your nature photos is, of course, entirely up to you, but if I may suggest, there are so many things to do with them that inspires others to appreciate the perfect land we most certainly take for granted. Each photo you take tells a story. It has a voice all its own. You'll see what I'm talking about. So capturing soothing, innocent, and untouched nature is one thing, but the other is using it to inspire others. You can give them away as gifts to teachers, co-workers, grandchildren, sons, daughters, etc. Your photo will speak to them, too …. as if to say, "Love Life and Enjoy what surrounds us!" "Appreciate me for what I am and what I do for you!"

So, my goal in all this is to enable the photographer in you to stand up to your calling and get moving. Make photography a hobby of yours. As always, actions speak volumes where words do not and if you've ever wondered or had an inclining to use a camera, to take a picture, to become a photographer, to capture soothing, innocent, and untouched nature, then there is no better time than now. Unleash the photographer in you and enjoy! You may decide you have what it takes to turn pro someday!

Source by Darlene Rose



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