No Avatar costume is complete without a great makeup and that is why most people have been asking "how can I do my own Avatar makeup?" Here is a few simple steps to do your own Avatar makeup.

1. Braid your hair:
This can be done on your own or get some helping hands. You may also substitutes for wigs. Hair is actually the most versatile part of Avatar makeup since you can style it to your desired look. It does not have to be exactly like the movie characters. Just have fun and it will give variations to the actual characters.

2. Put yellow contact lenses:
This is optional since color contact lenses could cost you more than the whole costume itself. Your dark eyes would do just fine.

3. Foundation:
This is a good base for the blue color and also help degrease your skin so that you will have a smoother color application afterward.

4. Paint your face:
Now you can start painting your face including your ears using blue color face paint. It will be great to apply at least 2 layers of color for better results. If you plan to use elf ear tips, you might as well color those ear tips using blue acrylic paint. Let it dry.

5. Draw your eyebrows:
Using eyebrow pencil start shaping your eyebrows.

6. Re-create your eyes:
Using black eyeshadow you can give a dark tone around your eyes. This is optional, even for girls eyes will absolutely look sexy.

7. Put your stripes on:
After your base color which is the light blue has dried, you can start paint the stripes using dark blue facial paint. Draw these stripes starting from the outer side of your face moving inwards with the tip of the stripes all pointing to your nose.

8. Cat's eye:
Use eyeliner to create the cat's eye look. This will give you a staring-like eyes.

9. Put white dots:
Following the stripes pattern, draw the white dots onto you forehead.

10. Finishing touch:
You can finish your makeup with elf ears and fangs to give your makeup a real Avatar look.

Source by K. Helmi



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