Most people who are single and unhappy are under the false impression that their life will only begin once they are married. This just simply is not the case. Being single can be a very productive time in your life. If you take full advantage of your single state, you may even look back on being single as being one of the best periods in your life. But you won’t if you keep whining and complaining about being single. And it won’t happen if you spend all of your time daydreaming about the day that you will meet Mr. or Miss Right and ride off into the sunset.

So, how do you turn your singleness into something positive rather than something to moan about?

The following 5 strategies for positive singleness will point you in the right direction:

1. Stop Pining and Start Living – Instead of pouting about being single, why not start living your life to its full potential? The truth is that there are numerous things that you can do now while you are single that you may not ever have another chance to do again. Take time now to travel the world, meet new people, and enjoy a stress-free single life. Once you get married and have children, you will find out how difficult it is to pursue your own interests. So, why not pursue them now?

2. Better Yourself – Use your free time to better yourself. Take a cooking class or go back to school to further your education. Learn skills that will enable you to live a better life later on.

3. Save Money – Getting married and having a family takes money. Being single is the perfect time to take on a little extra work to save for the future. You can also cut living costs easily while you are single. Every penny you save can be used to pay for your wedding, go on vacation, purchase a home or welcome a new addition to the family.

4. Fix Yourself – If you have issues with yourself, now is the time to fix them. Read self-help books, talk to your minister or counselor, or join a support group. Address any issues that cause you concern so that you can be a better person in the future.

5. Minister To Others – Put your spare time to good use: serve others. Whether you engage in missionary work or volunteer, use this time to help others.

You will create a positive mind set by concentrating on things other than being single. Stop whining about your single state and start using it to better yourself and help others. Having a full life will also prevent you from jumping into a relationship that is not right. Being positive and single will give you the courage to hold out for the perfect person. So, stop whining. Singleness is a positive state! All you have to do is embrace it.

Source by Ade D’Almeida



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