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The ONE Campaign must apologize to Africans and African women

The A single Marketing campaign ought to apologize to Africans and African women

In the experience of the #metoo disaster in the Aid sector, the Just one Campaign, a primary world-wide business purporting to fight poverty and preventable condition in Africa, has...

Air Carry Courier – Travel the World and Get Paid to Do It

Want to travel and make money from doing it? Become a courier of documents and other items throughout the world. Many people aren't aware that there exists a kind...

History of Oil and Gas in Nigeria

The early history (1908 - 1960) - The history of oil exploration in Nigeria dates back to 1908 when Nigerian Bitumen Corporation conducted exploratory work in the country; however,...

Buhari duties varsities on exploration that ‘ll revamp economic system

  By Joseph Erunke PRESIDENT  Muhammadu Buh-ari has  charged the nation’s universities to start off the pursuit of researches and discoveries that would  improve the financial system of the nation.  He...

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FIFA condemns allegation by Moroccan on Referee Geiger

FIFA condemns allegation by Moroccan on Referee Geiger

FIFA suggests it unequivocally condemns the allegation manufactured by a member of the Moroccan workforce regarding referee Mark Geiger. American referee Mark Geiger...

Hollywood Travel Agency – Best Tourist Attractions

A Hollywood travel agency knows all about the glamor, glitz, fame, stars, movies, controversies, gossip, intrigue that are encapsulated in the reference...
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Outrage as Buhari’s ministers, other officials ‘hijack’ railway scholarships meant for young Nigerians

It was confusion galore at the headquarters of the Federal Ministry of...