A pet nanny, or pet sitter rather is someone who takes the place temporarily from the existing home owner while they are away. This may be for reasons of a sabbatical, business trip, or the owner may just need a vacation away from it all.

Enter the affectionate proxy that can help the home owner not feel guilty about being away knowing that their home and pets are in good hands. If you are a pet sitter, then this is where you come in.

In the life of a pet sitter you may watch rabbits, cats, dogs, hamsters, goats, horses, or forbid less traditional pets such as snakes. (Yuck!) But none the less the home owner will make you aware of your duties while you are present in their home.

To be a successful pet nanny requires a unique mixture of people and animal skills. Pet owners are comprated of a distinct cross section of people. They are all ages and come from assorted ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds, factors that significantly affect their relationships with their pets. Pets, much like their owners, also have distinct personalities and needs.

Pet sitters normally have written contracts with the pet owners for whatever they work. These documents ensure all parties are clear on terms of care and limits on liability. Pet owners frequently provide written instructions for the care they expect for their pets. Written diaries of pet activities are sometimes provided by a pet nanny.

A position as a pet sitter requires no formal education. Patience, a love of animals and being able to quickly and easily adapt to changing situations are important, and you can really go far and travel to all kinds of places doing something that you enjoy.

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