Postcard sending may be one of the best ways to spend your spare change or to build up a hobby.

Although most of the postcards we get today are related to business or are commercial in nature, it’s still nice to have postcards sent to you from all over the world. Postcards also serve as time monuments and postcards can really serve as ‘time tellers’, especially if you find some rare ones out there.

Postcards are around for almost a century and a half – the postcard was patented in 1861 by John P. 

Since then the sending of postcards quickly rose to popularity and there were sent more and more of them each year. There were 677,777,798 American postcards sent in 1908, which means that every American sent roughly 7.64 postcards a year. Did you know that there is a science dedicated to collecting postcards? You do now. The study of postcards is called deltiology.

There are some postcards that are considered special, funny or even naughty in various ways. For example, Soviet-style old postcards are one of the most ironic ones. Their style is remarkably great, while their quality was one of the best in the world. Soviet postcards aren’t too hard to acquire, though are considered to be rare by some deltiologists. Also, there have been rumors that the famous lolcats were invented by postcard senders. Now that’s a cute postcard.

Postcards have had a great effect on the community, and it is common that most of the postcards you receive, are of commercial nature.

Postcard potential in advertising is really valuable, especially if you take your time to make an appealing one.

The devastating success of postcards has influenced and inspired a lot of new advertising types. One of the most successful followers of postcards which witness a tremendous amount of success, are flyers.

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