What struck a single initial at the 66th Annual Convention of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) on Friday was the substantial attendance – a sea of heads all over the place at the Redemption Camp.

Just about everywhere 1 turned there were being loads of people today, with yet a lot more people today flooding in.

The three-million seat Aged Auditorium at the Camp was overflowing and the completed sessions of the new a few-kilometre-by-3-kilometre Auditorium referred to as the Arena was whole.

Confirming that, Enoch Adeboye, Standard Overseer of the church, declared that there been options for the church’s pastors to lay fingers on members of the congregation in direction of the conclude of the programme but with the variety of people in attendance, the work out was not feasible. It was postponed to 11am on Saturday.

With equally auditoriums whole, estimated attendance appeared to be in tens of millions.

Yet there was no incident during the programme and the Camp was saved neat – no thrash close to and no dump web pages.

The large movement of folks was also obvious for the duration of the call on mothers who had been blessed with the fruit of the womb through prayers at the church to take their infants to the altar for blessings.

For about 10 minutes, moms carrying their infants proudly and dancing, poured in from various angles of the auditoriums to the altars. Quickly, pools of heads formed at the altars.

“When you look at that in all these residences there utilised to be crying each and every
thirty day period but now there is joy, join me to rejoice with them,” Pastor Adeboye said.

“You know how much I appreciate youngsters, but my wife loves them much more.”

Then he allow out a secret. “My spouse wished 12 youngsters but we experienced to cease someplace. Now we have a lot of spiritual little ones (the name he calls church members, who in turn connect with him Daddy).”

Stream of joyful mothers

It was also exciting that persons choose to be at the Outdated Auditorium to participate in the provider by way of large screens, when the occasion was live at the New Auditorium, some couple of about 2 kilometres away. That may well have saved the new Auditorium from remaining overcome.

Also, numerous additional folks participated from viewing centres in parishes or branches of the church in 197 countries.

There is the common in the belief in the church that you never have to be touched or witnessed physically by Pastor Adeboye to get God’s blessing via him.

Wonder handkerchiefs

For illustration, he doesn’t touch mantles. He mainly blesses handkerchiefs, which lots of persons claimed they in switch applied to complete miracles. He only prays from the pulpit as persons at the auditoriums, viewing centres, and even residences, wave their handkerchiefs.

On Friday, after persons gave testimonies of making use of the handkerchiefs to overcome stroke and raised a female from the dead, Pastor Adeboye blessed far more handkerchiefs.

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